The Hideaway

The Hideaway


The Challenge

Craft the onboard experience for Norwegian Cruise Lines’ next generation of ships to appeal to younger generations of cruisers, while satisfying NCL’s older, existing customers.

The Problem

Cruises aren’t meeting the expectations of millennial travellers today.


we know that millennials love to travel. In fact, they love to travel solo and stay in hostels.


what if cruises were more like hostels?


August, 2018


The Concept

The Hideaway is an exclusive travel experience for solo millennial travellers. It encompasses new partnerships, a digital platform, and redesigned spaces, all curated with millennial travellers in mind.

The Hideaway is an opportunity to capitalize on a new demographic, the solo millennial traveler yearning for meaningful community connections. 

The Hideaway is a sub-brand under the Norwegian umbrella. It is a travel experience crafted for the next generation of travellers, who seek something out of the ordinary. 


The Journey

We designed the entire Hideaway experience with a potential solo traveller in mind. We named our persona Steph. The Hideaway has the potential to elevate the customer’s emotional state, not only at the key pain points and key opportunities, but throughout the user’s entire emotional journey.  Take a look at Steph’s journey with The Hideaway.


In this phase of Steph’s journey, she will be going through the digital onboarding process. The digital onboarding allows Steph the opportunity to start personalizing her Hideaway experience. She scans her barcode which is personalized to her own account.

Once she has completed the digital onboarding, Steph can begin exploring user generated content in the feed.


Embarkment day is here! This is the point in step’s emotional journey when she is most likely to feel stressed and anxious. With this in mind, we have designed a find my friends function into the Hideaway App. This allows solo Hideaway travellers the opportunity to connect with each other before boarding. Using this function, Steph finds Carly! 


Steph arrives in her room and is delighted to find it is bright and clean, not dirty and dingy like the hostels her parents warned her about.

Waiting for Steph on her bed is a personalized Hideaway box including all of the onboard essentials such as shower shoes and a portable phone charger. 

This is an emotional high in Steph’s journey. So far all of her expectations have been met. She is excited to see where the rest of her Hideaway will take her. 

Throughout the night, Steph gets to know fellow Hideaway Travellers. If she looses anyone she’s looking for, she can use the find my friends function of the app to find them. 


Steph joins Carly and her new cruise friends at a specialty restaurant on board. They swap stories about the amazing first day they had, what they hope to get out of their Hideaway experience, and what they are most excited for for the rest of their week long cruise. 

If Steph hadn’t met fellow solo travellers through the Hideaway, she would most likely to choose to dine at the buffet alone.

Throughout the rest of Steph’s Hideaway, she continues connecting with like minded travellers and exploring uniques experiences that align with her travel wants and needs.  She has the opportunity to get outside her comfort zone and explore many new cultures, places, and activities that she would never have at home. 

After a long and fulfilling cruise, Steph has unfortunately come to the end of her journey. The experiences and friends she has made will never be forgotten.  She feels as though she has achieved the sense of self-confidence she was yearning for when she decided to book this trip.  After saying goodbye to her cruise friends and getting their contact information, Steph disembarks from the ship, looking back and wishing the cruise would have lasted just a little bit longer. 

A couple of weeks later, Steph as settled back into her day to day routine. She’s feeling some of that post Hideaway nostalgia when she gets a hideaway email in her inbox. This follow up email includes a memories highlights reel featuring some of step’s favourite moments from the trip based on the content she shared in the Hideaway feed. 

In the email, Steph can also see which of her Cruise mates have already booked another Hideaway with Norwegian. If Steph is ready to take her next trip right away, she can book onto one of her friend’s Hideaways directly from the email. 


The Brand


Associate Producer Intern Susan Thompson

Associate Producer Intern Eric Egan

Developer Intern Oscar Wong

Developer Intern Aman Nanrhe

Market Research Intern Kirstin Townsend

Marketing Science Intern Vienna So

User Experience Design Intern Dana Gerlitz.

Design Intern Chelsea Finn


2018 Critical Mass Global Intern Project